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After taking my car for repairs multiple times, I’m really interested in learning the mechanics behind cars. What are some good books/resources to learn how all the different parts of a car work, as well as how to fix things when they go wrong?

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Answer: Really, there’s no better way to begin learning about auto repair than to start maintaining your own vehicle.

To get started, go to just about any auto parts store and get a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car.

Read through it and start assembling a basic tool kit.

As you progress through that source you can continue your education by going online and using the information provided there.

There are automotive forums for just about any car you can name and a lot of knowledgeable people to assist with any questions you may have.

Of course, there are many sources of information such as videos, trade schools, libraries and other assorted online resources.

Youtube is an especially good source since it features several mechanics who have their own web sites that offer tons of free videos and maintenance advice.

The best thing to do is to just get started tinkering with your own maintenance first, then take it a little bit at a time and progress through the different systems on your car.

As you gain more experience and add to your tools the maintenance will begin to come easier and easier.

Below, I’ve included just a couple of sites that offer free mechanical videos and training:

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  1. Stores like Auto zone will put a scan tool on ur car for free these days…that’s half the battle right there, diagnosis. Then use Hilton books at the library for instructions on repairs.

  2. I dont know who gave Pete a thumbs down, but I totally agree with him. Thats exactly how I learned to work on cars and I love it. Plus, if you really get into it, you’ll know more about your specific model than most mechanics because thats all you work on, while most shops have a more broad spectrum with little focus. I always say get the Haynes, or Chilton manuals, but if you can afford them buy the factory service manuals for your car. They are highly specific and are the same books the shops have access to.

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