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Question: I really want to start making necklaces like this..



Cute little things like that.(:
Since its already summer, I have tons of free time. I really don’t feel like getting a job or anything.. But I still have a want list. So I figured I might just make cute little crafts to sell.(:
Can anyone tell me what to make them from, the basic things I’ll need.. Stuff like that?
Also, the chains. I have no idea where I could get some. I would need a pack of ten or so and the supplies to be cheap enough to sell the pieces for $5 or so. I don’t live by a craft store, so it has to be either off a website or at Walmart.. Please let me know. ANYTHING can help.(:
I’ll even take suggestions for what could be cute, something you would buy, something someone you know would buy, or something that might be popular.(:

Answer: I am not sure but there are patterns out for making crochet jewelry.

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