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Question: PLEASE:
Do not generalise!
I don’t want a gross assumption that isn’t backed up by a whole lot.
I really am interested in knowing if there are any well known (or not well known) people out their that sincerely believe that video games have the potential to cause people to act irrationally/aggressively against others to the point of murder, and if there are people, an idea of how many would be great.
If you thinking about answering this, please don’t use it as an opportunity to be disrespectful or immature. This is just for the sake of discussion and general interest.

Answer: I cant name anyone specifically that believes video games are bad for mental health. But the majority of people that rally for these sort of things are parents. There is a news story where a boy in Newton, Connecticut who was 13( i guess he would be a sort of well known proponent that regularly plays games)decided to stop playing violent video games. I believe there was(or still is) a group of people collecting violent video games in their neighborhood so they can destroy them in a later date.

There are other articles of parents asking their kids to give up violent games and proposing violent free days(not playing violent games 1 day of the week). However, all the articles point out that the kids are playing games like Call of Duty. The kids are 8-15 years of age and their parents have purchased them M rated games(only people 18+ can purchase these and require ID to do so). It seems like the parents are slightly responsible because they are purchasing these games for their children. They really shouldn’t have these games, but parents just go ahead and purchase them without really looking into it.

So pretty much the answer is, no. The kids in the articles that actually game regularly don’t really believe in it, but do realize that the games are violent. The adults that believe games could be bad, have not played them extensively enough or even know enough about games today to pass judgement. The issue simply sounds like the whole thing with Marylin Manson after Columbine, or the entire generation that grew up with rock music and people thought it was devil music.

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  1. Only those who try to appeal to another’s sorrow of losing someone in one of the shootings or some one who has a poor understanding of Physcology. And yes i’m suggesting politicians have poor understanding of the mental being of a human, and poisoning their words to make others become convined about a very narrow and linear cause, but in reality, you don’t know what went wrong to that person unless you knew that person very closely and he/she is personal to you. I think people are taking it in the wrong way, whilst playing the blamegame.

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